Leaders and teachers often ask for copies of past professional learning activities. The Heart of Georgia RESA has maintained a list of these classes, workshops, etc. for many years. In the past this was very important for PLUs. Since HGRESA has made a change to a different registration form, there will be changes. These changes will evolve as we navigate through the new registration process. Until this new process is tested, the best method of confirming face to face events is to take a picture of the sign-in sheet. If you are participating in CODE Classes or Virtual, Online Classes, please complete all requirements to earn contact hours and submit a request form indicating that you have earned contact hours. For classes taken before July 1, 2020, please go to the old website and login using your previous login information. We will no longer have this information Thank you for your patience as we transition.


Old Website:   Go to Prof. Learning; Login to review your profile.