Leaders and teachers often ask for copies of past professional learning activities. The Heart of Georgia RESA has maintained a list of these classes, workshops, etc. for many years. In the past this was very important for PLUs. Since HGRESA has made a change to a different registration platform, changes have occurred. Because PLUs are no longer needed, except for retirees or possibly someone who has taken a teaching break, the best method of confirming face to face events is to take a picture of the sign-in sheet. If you are participating in CODE Classes or Virtual, Online Classes, please complete the electronic sign-in sheet which time stamps your sign-in. If you wish to receive contact hours, please submit a request form indicating that you have earned contact hours.  We will not be able to provide a monthly copy of participants because the software platform does not allow this to occur.  Because educators no longer need PLUs, our focus is now on providing a multitude of learning experiences for our districts. We will no longer be able to provide past records before the electronic sign-in started. If a participant does not electronically sign-in, we may not have any record of attendance or event completion. Thank you for your patience as we transition. 

Reminder:  We do provide specific courses where retirees or educators taking a teaching break can earn PLUs, when needed. Those steps can be found under Retiree PLUs.