Service Learning

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Service Learning

HGRESA strives to promote Service Learning as an effective research-based strategy.  For approximately 15 years, HGRESA received a Service Learning Grant to promote Service Learning in the area.  Even though the grant is no longer available, many teachers are continuing to implement and/or use the service learning strategy.  

Each year, we recognize SENIORS in the Heart of Georgia RESA area who meet the requirements of completing 50+ hours of documented service learning activities (not just community service).  In the past, Seniors ahave been recognized at our Spring Awards Event for earning and documenting required number of hours. This information should be sent to and to by April 23, 2021.

This is one source that describes service learning:


In the past, we have hosted a Spring training session in conjunction with the HGRESA Academic Banquet.  This event was called the HGRESA Service Learning/Academic Awards Collaborative Event.  Each year at our annual Awards' Banquet, approximately 1000 parents, leaders, teachers, and students have attended the event and received the training.

 Our goal is to continuously expand the service learning goal throughout our 10 school districts.  Please encourage service learning initiatives in your schools.  This is a dropout prevention strategy!

Service Learning Ambassador:  Mrs. Vickie Burt