Posters/ Printing

Important Information:  For those who want to have posters printed or laminated, please email for an appointment. Before entering the building, you must put on a mask. Please use hand sanitizer located at the entrance upon arrival and practice social distancing once you enter the building. Thank you for your help and support. 


Contact Information:  HGRESA Secretary, 478.353.8693 Ext. 2002 

Price List 


Black and White copies  -  .20 cents each

Color Copies  -  $1.00 each



$2.00 per foot (RESA schools/districts) 

$3.50 per foot (public)   

(Discount does not apply to laminating)


(Enlargements created on Pro-Image)

(black and white)

$5.00 each


(Posters created on Epson Pro Stylus 9800)

44” x 36” full color picture   -  $20.00 each

44” x 36” full color photo  -  $25.00 each

44” x 36” black and white  -  $15.00 each



$1.00 per book (up to 150 pages)

$1.50 per book (up to 300 pages)

$2.00 per book (up to 425 pages)

(laminating extra charge)


Use of ELISON DYES:  Free if you bring your own paper.

Paper can be purchased as follows -

20 lb. paper   -  $1.00 per 20 sheets

Card Stock  -  $2.00 per 20 sheets


 20% discount will be given to Heart of Georgia RESA area members

(Discount does not apply to laminating)