Get HGRESA Reading, Writing,  Thinking,  Problem Solving, and Creating!


The Heart of Georgia RESA is committed to promoting reading, writing, thinking, numeracy/problem solving, staying healthy, service learning, and positive school climates so that students can be prepared for their futures. Each year the HGRESA staff  members celebrate these facets via an annual collaborative event. The focus is on celebrating these areas and stressing to parents and students the importance of whole child initiatives. Even though whole child is currently the focus of school improvement, the Heart of Georgia RESA has been committed to this concept for over 20 years with the end of year celebration.

We provide professional learning opportunities to assist in these endeavors. We strive to promote the importance of vocabulary and enhancing background knowledge. Through the years, we have supported many reading initiatives including Reading First, Striving Readers, and Growing Readers. Several of our schools are involved in the L4GA grant program. We encourage all communities to initiate a preventative literacy and numeracy program for 0 - to 5 year olds.


Resources to Assist in Learning About These Areas: