Retiree Recertification

This link is for retired educators who need Professional Learning Units (PLUs) to get recertified. This page may also be applicable to educators who need their certificates renewed but who are not currently employed by a school district. This might be applicable to private school teachers who need to be recertified. Those with certificates (expired, up for renewal, etc.) need to confirm with the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (PSC) if the HGRESA offerings will meet their needs. We are here to help, but we have no authority to renew your certification. We can only offer PLUs and/or contact hours.


Send an email to Professional Standards Commission (Georgia PSC) and ask about the requirements for recertification. Read carefully to determine if HGRESA offerings will meet your individual needs.

Send the response to



Step 1:  Register online for the 2 classes:

Step 2:  Send a cashier's check or money order for $200 (for in-area) to HGRESA  717 Smith Street  Dublin, GA and put a note indicating payment for 2 courses.  Out of area costs are $350 ($175 per course)  This fee is non-refundable, so make sure you intend to finish the courses before paying.  (New costs went into effect on Sept. 1, 2022,  All participants will be required to purchase books except for the Love and Logic offering.) Please refer to in area at the bottom.

Step 3:  Purchase the books that you wish to conduct book studies:  Teaching Adolescent Writers by Kelly Gallagher, Classroom Management by Dr. Harry Wong, Deep Kindness by Houston Kraft, or The Burnout Cure by Chase Mielke.

Step 4:  Create a log with date, time, activity, number of hours and log in what you do (tasks). The total number of hours required for each book study is 50 hours so you will turn in two logs with 100 or more hours. 

Step 5:  You will read each book, take notes on each chapter, and then use the notes to share with a pre-service teacher, new teacher, or a teacher who is new to the career like 1 to 5 years. You will log when you are reading, taking notes, and sharing. If you don't have 50 hours, then you will research about writing and classroom management and include this on your log.

Step 6:  You will follow the above for book two.

Step 7:  When you finish both books, contact Dr. Belita Gordon ( for a phone discussion or face to face discussion on the writing book or the Love and Logic book. Contact Mr. Charles Ellington ( for a phone discussion or face to face discussion on the classroom management book. Contact Dr. Andrea Williams ( on the Kindness book or the Burnout Cure book. You will share with them the most important things you learned and how teachers could use the books. 

Step 8:  When you finish, email  ( a copy of your log and a copy of your book notes. Get the teacher that you shared the info, to email a note indicating that the info was shared.  (an email for each book)

Step 9:  Send teaching certificate number and home mailing address to

Upon completion of all steps and payment, 5 to 10 PLUs will be issued by HGRESA to the participant. It is the participant's responsibility to obtain necessary forms from PSC and complete certification renewal steps. The participant will need to send (upload) the PLU form to MyPSC.

*In Area Definition:  1) Reside in the counties served by the Heart of Georgia RESA area. 2) Teach/substitute in the counties served by the Heart of Georgia RESA area. 3) Retired from one of the schools served by the Heart of Georgia RESA area. 

Updates:  March 14, 2021; August 2, 2022