Room Requests by HGRESA Districts

Is there a cost for using the room?  There is no cost for using the room for member districts, unless the room is being used by a grant-funded organization or a grant sponsored event. HGRESA also adheres to these same protocols. Most grants allow for room rental and this helps to offset daily maintenance costs.


Thank you for reaching out to us. We welcome our district and school leaders using the HGRESA building. We try to keep it clean and organized so that our district and school leaders "beam" with pride upon entry! It is a team effort from staff and visitors. 


We have a process for requesting rooms because we acquire information for our required reports on the different types of services that we offer. That process includes:

1. Contact about your needs by completing the following steps:

A) Send an email to to inquire about room availability. Indicate proposed dates and numbers that will be attending.

B) Please check for an emai confirming room availability.

C)  After you receive the confirmation of room availability, please complete the following form and send to  Please check the Google PL Calendar to confirm that your event is on the calendar:  (Click agenda on the right.)


Title of Event:

Confirmed Date(s): 

Time In:

Time Out:

Target Audience:

Grade Span(s):



Technology Needs:

Other Needs:

Expected Numbers:

Sign In Sheet:  Yes

Refreshments:  Yes

Do you have handouts that need to be printed?  (If yes, please send electronically several days before the event.)

Short Description: (for posting purposes)

Longer Description: (More details so that others can determine the purpose, etc.)


*Refreshments will be available upon arrival. At the end of the event, please try to put chairs under tables so that the room is ready to go for the next day. Thank you.