Workshop or Meeting Request Form

Anyone wishing to request space for a workshop, meeting, event, etc. MUST COMPLETE THE FORM BELOW AND SUBMIT TO:

Once the form is received, a request will be submitted for available room space.  A staff member will then post the info to the HGRESA calendar.

It is the responsibility of the requesting individual to check the calendar for accuracy of posted information. When errors are noted, the requesting individual should inform us of posting errors and we will try to correct as soon as time allows. 

Once the information is on the calendar, this means that a room will be ready upon arrival, computer and projector available for use, and refreshments ready by 8:30.

We suggest starting meetings no earlier than 8:30 and we strongly suggest beginning them around 9:00. The building closes at 4:00 on Monday - Thursday and at 3:30 on Friday. If it is necessary for events or meetings to go beyond these parameters, we can make adjustments, as needed.

HGRESA strives to Help, Guide, Reach, Extend, and Serve All.


Form Information (Copy , Paste  into Word Document or into Email, Complete,  and Email to


Name of Event:

Date of Event:

Time In:

Time Out:



Anticipated Number:

Target Audience:

Handouts Needed:  Yes or No  (If yes, please email electronic file to at least one week ahead of scheduled event.)

Will HGRESA be responsible for registrations?

Will you provide HGRESA with a copy of the sign-in sheet after the event?  This will help with evaluation of services and follow-up needs. HGRESA respectfully asks for a copy of all sign-in sheets from all events hosted at HGRESA. These will be kept on file as evidence documents for support services.

Brief Description of Event:

Technology Needs:

Other Needs:


Organizations, Entities, or Events That Are Funded by Grants:

Is this activity or your organization funded by a grant?  If yes, does your grant funds allow you to rent rooms?  If no, please explain.