Prof. Learning

HGRESA conducts professional learning sessions onsite in districts, as well as at the Heart of Georgia RESA facility located at 717 Smith Street in Dublin. With the current health events, we understand the need  for more adaptations. We are working on online classes for school staff. There will be C.O.D.E. (Classes on Demand for Educators), as well as Zoom, Google Meet, or Go to Meeting opportunities. Resources have been developed for listed schools and are available for other school staff to conduct sessions during PLC times, also. The curriculum directors have been provided notebooks with these resources. Professional learning sessions are planned after an extensive review of data from data reports,  class evaluations, network meetings, job-alike meetings, focus group meetings, district/school requests, etc.  We try to never offer one shot training opportunities but take pride in following up for implementation. The opportunities for learning provide a catalyst for additional onsite learning during onsite PLC time. The goal is to help leaders and teachers (and other staff) become independent learners, identifying individual professional plans of improvement. We will support our districts and school leaders in any way that we can.