The Heart of Georgia RESA staff members would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the Dr. Anthony "JaRoy" Stuckey Family. Our hearts are heavy because we have lost a precious family which was part of our HGRESA community.  Dr. Stuckey frequently participated in HGRESA sponsored events. He was always positive, optimistic, supportive, focused, kind, patient, respectful, and caring. Those who knew him were positively impacted by his professional demeanor and his analytical insights. He loved his faith, his family, his staff, his students, and he lived life to the fullest accomplishing so much while so young in his life. The HGRESA area was blessed that he chose our area to share his gifts. Our prayers are with his family, his church family, and his school family.  A video that he created in 2019 shows the love and appreciation that filled his heart. May we all seek to be humble, kind, grateful, and thankful as we "grow up through life." 

Grow Up Video: Video:  (Copy and paste link.)

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Tribute Poem from a Teacher: (copy and paste link.)





The Heart of Georgia RESA "Family" members express their deepest sympathy to the family of Mrs. Glenda Kinchen. Mrs. Kinchen was a long-time member of the team and served as an Assistant Bookkeeper. She was a dedicated, kind, hard-working, thoughtful professional. She shared her gifts of faith, upbeat spirit, kindness, sweet words, and delicious food with all she met. She is missed. Her obituary can be found at: