The Heart of Georgia RESA will be closed from December 18 through January 4th. Merry Christmas and Happy 2021!


HGRESA Outside Wooden Displays - Winners

Supervisors should contact after January 4th to schedule pick-up of gift certificates.


1st Place: Nine Ladies Dancing (Montgomery Elementary)

Three French Hens (Southwest Laurens Elementary)

2nd Place: Seven Swans a Swimming (Montgomery Elementary)

3rd Place: Twelve Days of Christmas (Montgomery Elementary)



1st Place: Two Turtle Doves (West Laurens High)

Eight Maids a Milking (Montgomery High)

2nd Place: Two Turtle Doves (East Laurens High)

Six Geese a Laying (Montgomery High)

3rd Place: Five Golden Rings (West Laurens High)

4th Place: Four Calling Birds (West Laurens High)


Overall Champion:  Two Turtle Doves (West Laurens High)


WELCOME!  The Heart of Georgia RESA organization would like to welcome Mrs. Kendal Bryant. She is serving as the Financial Director.  Mrs. Joy Stanley is also providing services for the organization.


Get Well Wishes!

Please keep Mrs. Glenda Kinchen (Former HGRESA Assistant Bookkeeper) in your thoughts and prayers. She is having some health issues. Email messages would probably help brighten her days. She was a dedicated, faithful, hard-working, confidential HGRESA employee for many years. Her email address is Thanks for the support of our professional friend and retired staff member. 


Congratulations, Dr. Smith!

Dr. Steve Smith, Bleckley County Superintendent, has been named one of four finalists for the annual Georgia Superintendent of the Year. More information can be found at this link


Our Deepest Sympathy

A former HGRESA area Curriculum Director, Mrs. Martha Ruth Crooms, passed away on October 28, 2020. She was the Bleckley County Curriculum Director for many years and was a very active HGRESA supporter. Information can be found at this LINK.

A former HGRESA area Curriculum Director and Federal Programs' Director, Mrs. Robyn Planchard, passed away on October 9, 2020. She worked for several years in Telfair County, followed by a Program Specialist position at the Georgia Department of Education. Information can be found at this LINK.


Job Announcemnet:  Pulaski County Paraprofessional; Please refer to the Job Link on the top row for details.



18 SLDS Ambassadors earned SLDS Ambassadors' E-Badges as a result of intense, focused training and services to their schools.  The cohort was begun 4 years ago to help teachers acquire the knowledge to become on-site, mini-experts in the SLDS area. The Heart of Georgia RESA created the 1st SLDS ambassadors' program in the state. If/When funds increase for the program, a second cohort will begin.


Professional Learning

Third through eighth grade math teachers in the Heart of Georgia RESA area have professional support via the Suzy Pepper Math in the Fast Lane strategies. To access the teacher professional learning resources as a follow-up to the trainings that have occurred in the area over the past ten plus years please follow these directions:

1.  Go to 

2.  Click "Getting Started" and set up an account

Note:  Each teacher actually has 30 logins at one time.  Students can utilize this remotely by simply using the teacher's login info.  


The New Teacher Induction Class is up and running. Participants will view video segments, take notes, list main ideas, complete a synthesis activity, and complete response and feedback forms. Eight days have been given to complete the tasks. After completing this event, new teachers can complete additional requirements for the New Teacher Induction E-Badge. There is an intent to apply for this badge on the professional learning page.

For HGRESA members, many sessions are available from Dr. Laura Riffel, the Behavior Doctor, on Classroom Management and Mental Health. Additional mental health sessions will be added as the year unfolds. There are four sessions from Dr. Barbara Blackburn. One is on remote learning strategies that will be very helpful for those adjusting to this mode of instruction. Several sessions are included from Mr. Brian Buffington. One is on Google apps and one is on the Google classroom. He has done one that targets parents. We have included Amie Dean's Classroom Management online class as an option. In September, Dr. Harry Wong's online Classroom Management class will be available. Please note that the New Teacher Induction online, on-demand event will probably be ready by the last week in July. The on-demand, online substitute teacher training session is always available. The Zoom substitute teacher training dates are Sept. 15 and October 8.  In January 2020, the Heart of Georgia RESA consultants coined the acronym CODE to help identify courses or classes that were on demand for educators at all times. 



The HGRESA Contest information has been shared with Curriculum Directors or Contest Coordinator. Please give them a few days to review and share.  The Curriculum Directors and Contest Coordinators are instrumental in the process. The  trophies are finished and available for district contacts to pick-up. A huge shout out to Dublin Trophy for the attention to detail and prompt service.

To schedule a fingerprinting appointment, please call the HGRESA office or email Please remember that a mask is required to enter the building. Please also sanitize hands and practice social distancing. You must bring a signed form from the Board of Education office and photo identification. 


Mr. Lance Pruett who is the 1st Graduate of the HGRESA Virtual New Teacher Induction Academy. YEAH, Mr. Pruett! (Dodge County)

Mrs. Joy Stanley officially retired after working for the Heart of Georgia RESA for 42 years. She has served the organization in a positive, professional, confidential manner serving as the Financial Director. We wish Mrs. Stanley the best as the future unfolds for her. We are going to miss her because she has been a major heartbeat in the HGRESA organization for so many years.  Mrs. "Joy" has brought much "joy" through the years. 

Mr. Alan Gayton, North Georgia RESA, for helping us design our Professional Learning Site. YEAH MR. Gayton! 

Mr. Nathan Buhl, Finalsite, for helping us with a vision for our new website.

Mr. Jason Stanizza, Finalsite, for helping lead us through the website creation and all of its complexities.

Mrs. June Lewis, former HGRESA Consultant, former HGRESA Technology Director, current Independent Contractor, for helping us with the design and content of our new website and our new  PL website. She is a lifelong RESA friend!

Mr. Bucky Bush for helping us LAUNCH our new website! It went live today, July 16. YEAH, Mr. Bush.



HGRESA welcomes two new superintendents:  Dr. Susan Long (Dodge) and Mr. Clifford Garnto  (Laurens).

Welcome to Mr. Horace Austin, New Technology Coordinator at Heart of Georgia RESA. We are excited to have him join our team.


Congratulations to the following Positive Athlete Winners. (Regional)

Most Positive High School:  West Laurens High School

Girls' Soccer:  Calle Cauley (Treutlen)

Football:  A. J. Mathis (West Laurens)

Girls' Track and Field: Brianna McRae (Dublin)

Boys' Cross Country:  Hunter Yawn (Telfair)

Boys' Golf:  Ty Cranford (Bleckley)

Girls' Golf:  Tabatha Bailey (Montgomery)


Congratulations to the following Positive Athlete Winner. (STATE)

Football:  A. J. Mathis (West Laurens)


Important Information:  For those who want to have posters printed or laminated, please email for an appointment. Before entering the building, you must put on a mask. Please use hand sanitizer located at the entrance upon arrival and practice social distancing once you enter the building. Thank you for your help and support. 


Our Deepest Sympathy

Mrs. Judy Milner passed away on March 18, 2020. Mrs. Milner was a math consultant for the Heart of Georgia RESA for many years. After retirement from the Dodge County School System as Curriculum Director, she worked as a part-time math consultant and then as an Independent Consultant for the Heart of Georgia RESA.  She also worked for the GDOE as a  consultant with the America's Choice program, and  also served as team leader of the GDOE Care Team for Wheeler County. Most recently, she conducted the Substitute Teacher Trainings for the HGRESA organization. Mrs. Milner was respected by her educator friends and was a dedicated HGRESA supporter. Our lives were positively impacted because she shared her expertise and love of education.  We miss her very much! She will not be forgotten.